Bob Jones, founder and president of International Marketing & Research, Inc. (IMR), a.k.a. HELI-PILE®  has been associated with helical piles and the deep foundation industry since 1968. IMR began full-time operations with helical piles in 1986. Through Mr. Jones' pioneering efforts, by the late 1990"s IMR had become the largest helical pile distributor in the United States with several million in annual sales.

Helical pile manufacturing operations began in 2003 with the launching of the HELI-PILE® brand of modular helical piles. Since that date HELI-PILE® brand conventional and tubular helical piles come on-line shortly thereafter. HELI-PILE® manufactures only helical piles and associated hardware, nothing else. The associated hardware we design and build consists primarily of load transfer devices for our engineering and construction customers. We distribute specialty installation equipment.

HELI-PILE® employs full-time registered professional engineers long experienced in helical pile technology to provide technical assistance to engineers and other design professionals. Technical assistance is available for cost estimating and bidding purposes. IMR also employs full-time helical pile installation and equipment personnel to assist its customers. Service is available 24/7. In that respect, we never close.

HELI-PILE® provides helical piles and tension anchor installation contractor certification and re-certification training in Denver. We also provide on-site helical pile and tension anchor installation training.